raindrop_symphony (raindrop_symph) wrote,

To the man I will love...

Dear You,

          I have waited for you for years and I wonder what's taking you so long. All this time I have patient and believed that one day you would come and give me the love story I've always wanted. However, years passed and you're still not here. I've experienced things and have now become a skeptic. I realized that I don't have to fall in-love to get my heart broken. Sometimes, the important people in your life, the people you believe will never hurt you do exactly just that. So now, I'm losing faith in the possibility of you arriving in my life. Maybe love is not meant for me. Maybe it's meant for other people who are exceptions to the rules. But still, there is a flicker of hope in me. A part of me still hoping that you will find me one day. When that time comes, I hope you will have the patience to deal with me. I hope you will be patient enough to break down my walls, to break through the barriers in my heart and to prove to me that love is worth it. I hope that the years will not harden me instead I pray that someday I will heal myself so when we do meet, I can love you with all of me.
                                                                                                          Love, Charm

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