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Worth the Wait

Title: Worth the Wait
Pairing: Kim Heechul/OC
Rating: PG
Summary: Heechul is leaving for the army. Will MaeLun be willing to wait?
A/N: This is for ruilian_thatsme as a super duper late birthday fic and because Heechul is joining the army. I hope you like it even its not the best (?) By the way, thank you to Sonia Francesca for writing the Billionare Boys Club. Reading about those guys brought back my muse. Trieze de Cordova, Denniz Serrano, Zech Marquez and Lantis Nakago how I wish you're real. Ran Fontnilla and Yeoji Buenzalido you're next..Hahahaha..Enjoy reading and comments are loved..

Worth the Wait

MaeLun peeked through the slits in between the curtains covering her window. She took a peek and saw her neighbor—her cute neighbor—and childhood friend getting ready the day. Heechul, the said neighbor just walked out of the bathroom with just a towel around his waist while drying his hair with a smaller towel. Even with the distance between their windows MaeLun could see droplets of water running down the guy’s body. From the tip of his hair, down his neck, trailing his collarbones, down his slender body, passing by his belly button and then down his…
MaeLun shook her head trying to erase the images polluting her mind.
MaeLun continued watching her neighbor walk around his room doing his morning routine like putting on clothes (she made sure she covered her eyes), styling his hair and all that. When she was totally sure that Heechul was done, she moved her curtains aside and opened the window.
“Good morning.” MaeLun said calling out to Heechul.
Heechul took a sideway glance at her and continued looking at his face in the mirror. “Hey Lun.”
Vain as ever. “So why are you up so early? Breakfast date?”
Heechul chuckled and finally moved away from the mirror to the window.
“How I wish but no. I’m going to buy some things before I go the army.”
MaeLun’s eyes widened in shock at what she heard. “What? Bu-bu I thought you wouldn’t be joining for 2 more years.
Heechul nodded. “I did but then I changed my mind so I’m joining. I think it would be better to finish it earlier.”
MaeLun couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Just when she was ready to… Aish.
“So when are you leaving?” She asked.
“Day after tomorrow.”
“Day after tomorrow?! And you just told me now?!” MaeLun exclaimed, a bit angry that Heechul didn’t tell her earlier.
“Well…” Heechul said looking guilty.
MaeLun sighed and looked down. “I won’t keep you long you better go now.” She turned around and before she could leave her room Heechul said something that made her blush.
“Don’t worry Lun when I get back from the army my body will be much better to look at. So wait for me, nae?.”
MaeLun sighed for the umpteenth time that day. Tomorrow was the day Heechul would be leaving for the army. Two years. She already missed him even if he hasn’t left yet. It was unbelievable how Heechul couldn’t even spend some more time with her considering that he’d be leaving tomorrow. But then again he just probably wanted to spend more time with his family so she understood him in a way. But still…
The sound of someone clearing his throat woke MaeLun from her reverie.
“Hey Lun.”
MaeLun looked at Heechul from her spot by her window. “Hey.”
“Ummm…” Heechul started looking unsure which has never happened before, MaeLun observed.
“I’ll be leaving tomorrow.”
MaeLun nodded.
“So I was wondering you know…”
“Wondering what?” MaeLun continued, feeling a bit nervous.
“If uh…you wanted to tell me something?”
MaeLun frowned. “Excuse me? What are you talking about?”
Heechul smiled nervously. “Like you know. I’m leaving tomorrow and you might want to say something.”
MaeLun was speechless. Did he know? “Uhm. Take care.”
“That’s all?”
“Yeah.” MaeLun looked anywhere but the guy on the other house, trying to act naïve at what Heechul might be on.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah.” MaeLun nodded.
“No confession of love or something?”
MaeLun dropped her mouth open in shock. The nerve of this guy. “Yah Kim Heechul! How dare you say that?”
“Well we’ve been friends since we were in diapers, we have a lot of things in common, you get jealous when there are girls around me…” Heechul grinned, “and you perv on me whenever you stare me in the mornings.”
MaeLun was exasperated. Was she that obvious? And the arrogant Heechul even had the balls to force out a confession from her. With heavy breaths, she tried to calm herself before she jumped the distance from her window to Heechul’s because to say that she’s furious was an understatement.
“Well I’m sorry to disappoint you Mr. Kim Heechul because you will not hear a confession from me.” MaeLun said immediately changing her decision of confessing before the guy left.
Heechul pouted. “But I’m leaving tomorrow.”
“So? If you really want a confession then why don’t you do so first.” MaeLun retorted.
“But I don’t know if you feel the same way.”
“Then you’ll never find out if you don’t say it first.”
“But I don’t have enough confidence yet.”
MaeLun raised one of eyebrows. “You don’t have enough confidence? Well too bad then. Why don’t you try again after two years maybe you’ll be confident by then.” She mocked and turned around before Heechul could reply. She was still mad at him.
“Lun wait!”
MaeLun stopped in her tracks and looked back at Heechul who looked like he was ready to jump off the window sill.
“Will you wait for me then? So I can tell you how I feel?” Heechul said, looking hopeful.
MaeLun looked down, nodded and said in a soft voice, “I guess two more years won’t hurt.”
MaeLun dropped on her bed as soon as she entered her room. She was totally tired, coming home from work and it didn’t take long for her to travel to dreamland.
After a few hours, MaeLun woke up to the sound of something tapping at her window. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. It was already dark and the figures on her alarm clock showed that it was already seven in the evening.
The tapping sound continued and MaeLun stood up. She opened the window and what she saw froze her in place. Opposite her window, Heechul was there on the other house, holding some pebbles in his hand which he probably threw at her window thus tapping sound. Was he supposed to come home today?
Surprised as she was she still muttered, “You’re back.”
Heechul smiled at her and she suddenly realized how much she missed that smile. “Yeah. Miss me?”
Yes. MaeLun looked away from Heechul. “Not really.”
Heechul let a chuckle. “I missed you.”
MaeLun nodded. Her heart was beating like crazy and she couldn’t trust herself to talk. “So what do you want?”
“I’m confident now.”
“So?” Oh my. He remembered!
Heechul let out a breath. “You’re not gonna make this easy are you? Heechul started. “Well, I…uhm…for a long time now I’ve…I’ve…”
“You’ve?” Would you just say it already?
Heechul shook his head. “Aish. I think it would be easier if we were closer. Do you mind moving away a bit?”
MaeLun looked at Heechul as if he was crazy when she realized what he was gonna do. “Yah! Heechul, are you crazy? Did you remembe—“
Whatever MaeLun was going to say was lost when Heechul jumped the short distance from his window to MaeLun’s window. It was just a good thing that window was big enough for him to get inside properly. But Heechul’s stunt was not the one that made her speechless. It was the fact that Heechul landed on her, knocking her off balance sending them both lying on the floor with Heechul’s lips conveniently on top of hers.
MaeLun’s eyes were wide with shock and she was about to push Heechul off her when he held her hands tight with his left hand while his right hand was on her cheek steadying her as he decided to deepen the kiss. MaeLun’s shock slowly subsided and soon she let herself get lost in his kiss. Heechul kissed her desperately as if he was trying to convey all his feelings through the kiss and she couldn’t help herself but respond with the same intensity. And as Heechul coaxed her to open her mouth while sliding his tongue in, the hands she was supposed to use to push him away wrapped around his shoulders, holding the guy she loved for years tightly to her.
The need for air broke them apart, the two of them gasping as they tried to catch their breaths.
“Yes I’m crazy, crazy in-love with you.” Heechul said as he traced MaeLun’s lips with his thumb. “I’ve loved you for so long that I don’t know when I started loving you. I know two years been a long wait but I really hope that you also feel the same way.”
MaeLun gulped. “What if I don’t feel the same way? What would you do?”
Heechul smiled. “Then I’ll just have to find a way to make sure that you do.” Then he leered. “But with the way you kissed me a while ago I know that you feel the same way too.”
MaeLun blushed and hit him in the chest. “You’re really full of yourself, aren’t you?”
Heechul laughed. “I’m just stating the truth love. So what do you say?”
“Say to what?”
“About my confession.”
MaeLun felt more blood rush to her cheeks and she suddenly found the floor interesting to look at since the thought of looking at Heechul makes her incoherent.
But it seemed like Heechul had a different opinion because he held her chin between his fingers and turned her face so they could look at each other.
MaeLun blushed. “I…I love you too.”
Heechul smiled widely when he heard MaeLun’s answer. And to show how happy he was he leaned down, kissing her again and continuing where they left off.
Definitely worth the wait, MaeLun thought.
Tags: band: super junior, genre: fluff, genre: romance, pairing: heechul and oc, rating: pg

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