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Afraid for Love to Fade

Title: Afraid for Love to Fade
Pairing: Park Yoochun/OC
Rating: G
Summary: Yoochun has a crush on his classmate but unfortumately he gets tongue tied just looking at her. Will he be able to tell her his feelings?
A/N: An idea I got from listening to Jose Mari Chan's Afraid for Love to Fade thus the title. I hope you like it! Please comment

Afraid for Love to Fade

1st day of class, 1st semster


Yoochun sat at the back of the classroom choosing a seat next to the window. He looked outside and busied himself by humming a tune he played during music class. A few minutes later, the bell rang signaling the start of class and Yoochun stood up along with the others in greeting. As Yoochun sat down, he turned to his right and watched the girl sitting by the center aisle take a seat. Long black hair, white creamy skin and when the said girl turned to him and smiled, Yoochun thought he saw an angel.


2nd week, 1st semester


Yoochun put his hand over his stomach. It was almost 1:00 and the teacher was still discussing about bonds, proteins and a whole bunch of chemicals he barely understood. Yoochun always ate a heavy lunch before chemistry class since it was scheduled from 12:00 to 12:50 MWF. Unfortunately, he and his groupmates took awhile in making their History project so he ended up missing lunch and now his stomach was protesting big time. Yoochun looked at the slide show presentation before him and he imagined those protein illustrations as spaghetti noodles with overflowing red sauce, and lots of meatballs and cheese. He sighed as he heard his stomach grumble again.


Yoochun felt something soft hit his head. He looked to his right and saw a crumpled tissue on his desk. His eyes travelled further to his right and the girl sitting by the center aisle smiled at him just like what she did the first day. She held something with her left hand and offered it to Yoochun. Yoochun in turn took it and when he saw the packaging, he flashed a sweet smile. He mouthed a thank you and munched on the chocolate biscuits.


8th week, 1st semester


Yoochun sat at his usual seat at the back of the classroom. It was half past 11 and he knew he was way too early for the next class but he thought maybe he could get a few minutes of sleep before the class started. Yoochun folded his arms above the table and just when he was about to lean and close his eyes he caught sight of the girl sitting on the center aisle. She entered the room and sat at her usual place and smiled at him as always.


“You’re early.”


“Uhm. Yes. I just thought I’d get some sleep before class started.”


That was their first conversation.


10th week, 1st semester


After their first conversation, Yoochun started coming to class 30 minutes before it started. He always used the ‘sleep excuse’ although he knew that maybe there was another reason for his punctuality. But for now, he’s not in the mood to confront it. And for the weeks that he came early to class, the girl in the center aisle would arrive a few minutes later with a smile adorning her beautiful face.


Again, Yoochun sat at his usual place. He looked out the window since he wasn’t really sleepy. Ten minutes later he looked at the seat in the center aisle, it was still empty. Maybe she had to do something. Five minutes before class, she still wasn’t there. When the professor entered the room and got the class started he looked at the vacant seat near the center aisle. Since then, he lost the urge to be punctual for his Chemistry class.


14th week, 1st semester


With nothing better to do, Yoochun opted to come early to class. Just for clarity purposes, he had nothing to better to do, he was not going to class early just because he wanted to converse with the girl at the center aisle. Certainly not. Walking the hallway going to the classroom, Yoochun passed the library and saw someone familiar—it was the girl at the center aisle. Yoochun thought about waving hello or something but then it seemed like he couldn’t even lift his hand to wave. He was suddenly filled with nervousness that he never knew he possessed. Yoochun stood at his place, stuck, mesmerized with how the girl looked beautiful as she conversed with other students.


Yoochun didn’t know how long he was standing there because the bell rang a few minutes later and the girl at the center aisle finally noticed him. Just then, she waved at him and flashed him smile. Yoochun felt himself raise his hand and waved back just as the girl entered the classroom.


16th week, 1st semester


For the past two weeks, Yoochun felt a deadline looming over him. Why? It’s because 1st semester would soon be over and he haven’t mustered enough courage to talk to the girl at the center aisle. Who knows he may not have the same class with her by the next semester.


With that thought in mind, Yoochun walked dejectedly to his chemistry class thinking about his hopeless case of crush with the girl at the center aisle. And while he was doing so, fate decided to give him a chance. As Yoochun was getting inside the science building, he bumped into someone causing a bunch of papers flying through the hallway. Seeing the clutter caused, he immediately started picking up the papers that littered the floor. It didn’t take long for him to gather the papers and as soon as he got them in order he gave them to the person he bumped into. As soon as he saw who the person was, Yoochun was suddenly at loss of words. There in front of him was the girl who’s been flooding his mind, all smiles in spite of what he did.


“Thank you for helping me pick up the papers.”


“Uh….you’re…uhm…no…ahh…I mean…uh…bye.”


Just like that Yoochun dropped the papers he was holding and ran away as fast as he could leaving a confused girl and a lot papers on the floor.

1st week, 2nd semester


Another first day and Yoochun was just anxious to go back to his dorm room and sleep. He entered his last class—history—hoping that the professor would be absent. Entering the classroom, Yoochun scanned the room and chose a seat at the last row by the window. As he sat down, he noticed someone sit on the chair beside and when he turned his head to see who it was, his heart dropped. The girl at the center aisle last semester was right in front of him and remembering what he did to her last semester he gulped nervously. Yoochun thought that she might be angry at him for what she did but instead she flashed him her usual smile and sat down.


For the whole duration of the class, Yoochun would glance at the girl beside him every few minutes thinking of a way to strike up a conversation or something but the words just wouldn’t come out. Finally after Yoochun’s countless attempts to talk, fate gave up on him and the bell rang. Sighing dejectedly he gathered his things and stood up as the other students left the room. Just then he noticed a slip of paper in between his binder. Taking it out, he unfolded the paper and as he read the words written there, a wide grin spread through his face and he felt like jumping around like a crazy person. Gathering his wits, he made a run for the coffee shop across the school—where his date was waiting. Looks like fate gave him a second chance after all.


Any suggestions on what the girl wrote? I was writing that part and I couldn't come up with any good pick up lines..I'd like to hear from you..Please comment..
Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, pairing: yoochun and oc

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