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Book Three: One Fine Dream (13 signs)

Title: One Fine Dream
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: PG
Summary: Chie gets lost and spends a day with a stranger full of charades due to language barrier..That was when shee learned that love knows no language..
Warning: Het pairing
A/N: Third installment to a mini series I did withruilian_thatsme  , bingkay_baxia  , and 1stfairchild . This is the effect of our dream to go to Japan..
This fic has a kinda different way of writing but I hope you guys like it.. Girl's POV..
Inspired by the movie One Fine Day starring Michell Pfeiffer and George Clooney.. Ever since I watched that movie I wanted too write something similar to it..I hope I didn't do anything illegal :p Enjoy reading!
Book One: Misses Shots by ruilian_thatsme 
Book Two: Yes I Will by ruilian_thatsme , plot by bingkay_baxia
Book Four: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild  (to be posted)


13 signs


I woke up smiling at the dream I had. I felt someone stroking my hair and I opened my eyes to see Junsu propped up on an elbow staring at me.


“Good morning sleepy head.” Junsu leaned down and pecked me on the lips.


“Good morning creeper.” I chuckled.


“Did you sleep well?” Junsu asked lying back in bed.


I nodded and rested my head on his bare chest, wrapping my arms around him as well.


“What were you dreaming about? You’ve been smiling the whole time I watched you sleeping.” Junsu moved to tracing circles on my back.


I looked him, smiling. “You, the day we met, your proposal.”


“I see.” Junsu smiled and we continued to lay there in bed enjoying each other’s mouth. A few minutes later, Junsu pushed himself up and rested his back on the headboard. “Do you want some breakfast? I already ordered for us and it just arrived.”


I sat up, holding the covers around me. “Sure. I’m kinda hungry anyway.”


“Okay. Just stay there and we’ll have breakfast in bed” Junsu kissed my cheek and stood up grabbing a robe on the way. He then went to the living room and prepared our food.


I looked around the bedroom and looked for my suitcase. I spotted it beside the sofa by the window. I stood up and grabbed a robe hanging at the back of a chair. I sat at the sofa and opened the suitcase. I took out a sketch book—a gift from Misaki, Byul and Rui. I already knew what’s inside since Rui had a somewhat similar gift on wedding but I was still excited with the contents. I opened the sketch book and flipped the pages one by one. Unlike Rui who had photo albums, I have a sketch book with drawings of the signs I listed four years ago. The drawings reminded me of the drawings I made Rui draw in the middle of class back in college.


“What’s that?” I didn’t notice Junsu sit beside me. I guess I was too indulged with looking at the drawings.


“A gift from Misaki, Byul and Rui.” I passed the sketch book to Junsu.


Junsu took it and flipped the pages, a smile on his face appeared everytime he looked at the drawings. “Is it just me or all the drawings here portrayed what happened on the first day we met?”


I giggled. “Actually, those drawings portrayed the signs.”


“Signs? What signs?”


I nodded. “You see. Before we went to Japan four years ago we wrote signs of our soulmate or dream guy or something. I wrote random stuffs since I wasn’t really sure on what I wanted in a guy. Surprisingly you did all of them.”


“I see. Did Rui and Byul also have a sketch book like yours?”


“Only Ru but hers was a photo album since we somehow managed to take pictures of them. Well, we can’t really have that since they never really saw you until you met us at the airport that time.”


Junsu nodded. “That’s okay. I like the drawings. Makes it more special.”


“You’re right.”


Junsu looked quizzically at me and I looked at him in return, silently urging him to continue with what he wanted to say.


“Would you? I mean…”


“What is it?”


“Would you have married me if I didn’t do those signs?” Junsu asked, head bowed down.


“Baka. I’m not that shallow.” I put my hands on both sides of Junsu’s face and made him look at me. “You were a snob at first alright but then you spent time with me and made me feel loved even if we only met for a day. And when you followed me when I went home I knew that I made the right decision in loving you. So sign or no sign, I love you and I would marry once you asked.”


Junsu smiled, relief washing over his features and hugged me. “Arigatou. And I’m sorry for being a snob. That wind chime was too important for me.”


“I know. You already told me that. I understand how important your mom’s gift was.”


“I never thought I’d fall in love with someone in just a day.”


“So do I. And I’m glad I did.” I smiled.


“Thank you. Thank you so much for loving me Chie. I love you.”


“I love you too Junsu.”


We pulled out of our embrace and laughed at our silly selves. Why were we getting so emotional? This is our honeymoon!


Just then, Junsu had an arrogant look on his face and I narrowed my eyes at him. “What’s with the look?


Junsu smirked at me. “Nothing.”




Junsu chuckled. “Just thinking about those signs you wrote. Doesn’t that show that we’re truly meant to be?”


I rolled my eyes. “Since when did you become so cheesy? With the way you’re talking right now I’m kinda missing the language barrier and charades we had back then.”


Junsu made a fake surprised look. “Hontoni? But I’m kinda tired of charades. I want to try another kind of communication.”


I raised an eyebrow at him. “Then what kind of communication are you planning to use, huh Mr. Kim?”


“Well Mrs. Kim.” Junsu pulled me to sit on his lap. “I’m planning to use what you call body language.”


I smirked. “Body language? Care to tell me more about it?”


Junsu pulled me closer, his lips almost touching mine. “Choose. Do you want me to tell you…” Junsu ran his hand through my leg, “…or do you want me to show you?”


“Do I really have a choice?” I teased.


Junsu laughed and carried me to the bed. He laid me there and took off the robe slowly. He kissed me slow at first for a while. When the kiss turned needy and passionate I stopped kissing him back and pushed him away a bit and said, “What about breakfast?”


“Oh no.” Junsu shook his head. “Not working Mrs. Kim.” Junsu kissed the spot behind my ear while running his hand through my hair and I shivered. I guess breakfast will have to wait.

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