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Book Three: One Fine Dream (Petals from the sky)

Title: One Fine Dream
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: PG
Summary: Chie gets lost and spends a day with a stranger full of charades due to language barrier..That was when shee learned that love knows no language..
Warning: Het pairing
A/N: Third installment to a mini series I did withruilian_thatsme  , bingkay_baxia  , and 1stfairchild . This is the effect of our dream to go to Japan..
This fic has a kinda different way of writing but I hope you guys like it.. Girl's POV..
Inspired by the movie One Fine Day starring Michell Pfeiffer and George Clooney.. Ever since I watched that movie I wanted too write something similar to it..I hope I didn't do anything illegal :p Enjoy reading!
Book One: Misses Shots by ruilian_thatsme 
Book Two: Yes I Will by ruilian_thatsme , plot by bingkay_baxia
Book Four: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild  (to be posted)


Petals from the sky


It was spring when I went back to Japan, just in time to see the Cherry blossoms in their full bloom. I’ve been travelling back and forth between home and Japan for almost four years now. Having a long distance relationship was quite hard to maintain but it was worth it. Although we rarely saw each other, Junsu would call almost everyday and we would talk until the wee hours of the night. I giggled in my mind as I remembered how I felt when my roommates back in college would talk to their boyfriends on the phone everyday.


I sat at a park bench not far from Junsu’s shop. I put my luggage beside me and took a pocketbook from my sling bag. It looked like Junsu would take a while to fetch me. The wind was blowing steadily and the cherry blossoms danced in the air as they fell, surrounding the bench with fields of pink. I opened the pocketbook and began reading. I was about to finish the second chapter when someone hugged me from behind. I would have panicked with that move but then I smelled his cologne and knew it was Junsu. I looked at him and smiled. He pecked me on the lips and moved to sit beside me. He asked me how my flight was and how long I waited. Yes, we’re talking. Junsu’s been doing his best to improve on his English. Yoochun is helping him but Junsu keeps on complaining that the former would always make fun of him by teaching him wrong words.


Junsu wrapped his arms around me and looked at the book I was reading. He tried to read the words but then they ended up in a mush and I laughed at him. Junsu pouted and I proceeded to kiss the pout away. I intended it to be a quick peck on the lips but then Junsu was quick to hold my nape and deepen the kiss. I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around him. Junsu continued to kiss me until I was breathless. When we parted for a while, lips barely touching, Junsu removed my left arm from his shoulders and slip something through my left ring finger. It was a ring and the thought of what the ring signified excited me. I looked into his eyes and I could see love there. Junsu nodded and I looked at the ring. It was a simple engagement ring, a gold band with an oval shaped diamond on top. I looked at Junsu and smiled. He then stood in front of me and went down on his knees. Junsu pointed at himself then he formed a heart with his hands and then pointed at me. I chuckled remembering our charades when we first met. He then took hold of my hands and asked me to marry him. I nodded and threw myself at him in happiness. Junsu caught me and hugged me tight. I said ‘I love you’ over and over again and then he decided to shut me up, kissing me passionately with a muffled ‘I love you too’ in between.


Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, completed: one fine dream, pairing: junsu and oc

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