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Book Three: One Fine Dream (Follow Me)

Title: One Fine Dream
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: PG
Summary: Chie gets lost and spends a day with a stranger full of charades due to language barrier..That was when shee learned that love knows no language..
Warning: Het pairing
A/N: Third installment to a mini series I did withruilian_thatsme  , bingkay_baxia  , and 1stfairchild . This is the effect of our dream to go to Japan..
This fic has a kinda different way of writing but I hope you guys like it.. Girl's POV..
Inspired by the movie One Fine Day starring Michell Pfeiffer and George Clooney.. Ever since I watched that movie I wanted too write something similar to it..I hope I didn't do anything illegal :p Enjoy reading!
Book One: Misses Shots by ruilian_thatsme 
Book Two: Yes I Will by ruilian_thatsme , plot by bingkay_baxia
Book Four: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild  (to be posted)

Follow Me


The plane ride back home just plain depressing. Rui surely missed Heechul, Misaki missed Kyuhyun and Byul missed Yunho (whom we just met hours since Byul hid him from us). When we arrived, we got out of the plane and proceeded to the checkout counter to get our bags. Since I was the one with the lesser luggage, I finished first and sat at the waiting area for the Misaki, Byul and Rui to finish. I was looking at the airplanes through the runway when something blocked my view.


I looked at it closely and saw that it was a wind chime with a gazebo as the main design with white rosebuds and metal tubes suspended in strings at the base. I blinked not believing what I was seeing. I looked up to see who was holding it and Junsu was there, hovering over me with a grin on his face. I abruptly stood up, shocked. What the hell was he doing here? How did he know we’re here? Were we on the same flight? So many questions were running inside my head and Junsu’s grin was starting to annoy me. I opened my mouth trying to ask him the questions I had in mind but then no words came out. Instead, tears started running down my face and I was sobbing.


In an instant, Junsu wrapped me in his embrace while he wiped the tears with his fingers. When the sobbing stopped, Junsu hugged me tight and whispered what I assumed was soothing words. I immediately relaxed in embrace and I felt so much happiness bubbling inside of me. Junsu was here right in front of me. I don’t know why he’s here but I don’t really care. His actions already answered my questions and I couldn’t care less about language barriers and charades.


Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, completed: one fine dream, pairing: junsu and oc

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