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Book Three: One Fine Dream (Last Day of the Tour)

Title: One Fine Dream
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: PG
Summary: Chie gets lost and spends a day with a stranger full of charades due to language barrier..That was when shee learned that love knows no language..
Warning: Het pairing
A/N: Third installment to a mini series I did withruilian_thatsme  , bingkay_baxia  , and 1stfairchild . This is the effect of our dream to go to Japan..
This fic has a kinda different way of writing but I hope you guys like it.. Girl's POV..
Inspired by the movie One Fine Day starring Michell Pfeiffer and George Clooney.. Ever since I watched that movie I wanted too write something similar to it..I hope I didn't do anything illegal :p Enjoy reading!
Book One: Misses Shots by ruilian_thatsme 
Book Two: Yes I Will by ruilian_thatsme , plot by bingkay_baxia
Book Four: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild  (to be posted)


Last Day of the Tour


The whole day went on with last minute shopping and packing our luggage. Misaki, Byul and Rui were still having problems on how to pack their stuffs with all the things they bought. I was enjoying watching them pack when I remembered something. I picked up my bag and looked at its contents. There was a paper bag and I took out its contents. Inside was a pink unicorn and box with the carousel wind chime. I smiled remembering Junsu. I wonder what he’s doing right now? Will he see me before we leave? How I wish he would.


Dinner went on and Rui and Misaki were busy with their boys Heechul and Kyuhyun. Looking at them made me miss Junsu more and more. That night, before I went to sleep I prayed that I would see Junsu even for the last time. After that, I fell asleep holding the pink unicorn close to me.


Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, completed: one fine dream, pairing: junsu and oc

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