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Book Three: One Fine Dream (The end?)

Title: One Fine Dream
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: PG
Summary: Chie gets lost and spends a day with a stranger full of charades due to language barrier..That was when shee learned that love knows no language..
Warning: Het pairing
A/N: Third installment to a mini series I did withruilian_thatsme  , bingkay_baxia  , and 1stfairchild . This is the effect of our dream to go to Japan..
This fic has a kinda different way of writing but I hope you guys like it.. Girl's POV..
Inspired by the movie One Fine Day starring Michell Pfeiffer and George Clooney.. Ever since I watched that movie I wanted too write something similar to it..I hope I didn't do anything illegal :p Enjoy reading!
Book One: Misses Shots by ruilian_thatsme 
Book Two: Yes I Will by ruilian_thatsme , plot by bingkay_baxia
Book Four: The Hoodie Project by 1stfairchild  (to be posted)


The end?


After a breakfast and a shower, Junsu, Yoochun and I were on our way to the hotel. Yoochun was driving and he kept a steady stream of conversation. I told him that I was leaving the day after tomorrow. I noticed that Yoochun looked at Junsu through the rearview mirror and I think Junsu understood that I was not staying long.


After the talk of me leaving, silence enveloped the car. Junsu was looking outside the window while I looked at his back as I was seated at the backseat. How I wished I could talk to Junsu right now. I wanted to tell him that I wanted to see him again, that I’d do my best to keep in touch and that I’d miss him when I go home.


A few minutes later, Yoochun parked the car in front of the hotel. Junsu got out of the car and opened the door for me. I thanked Yoochun for his hospitality and got out too. Once out, Junsu closed the car door and we just stood there facing each other. I didn’t know how to tell him all the things I wanted to say in a way that he would understand. Before I could think of anything to say, Junsu moved closer and hugged me tight, almost crushing me as if didn’t want to let me go. He whispered something into my ear that I didn’t understand. I felt like crying but I held myself back since I was not the type to cry in front of someone, especially a guy. After a while, Junsu let go and breathed deeply. And just like last night, he kissed me. Junsu’s arm was at my back, pulling me closer to him as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He kissed me long and I kissed him back, holding him close. After what seemed like a long time, we pulled back, gaze meeting. I reluctantly let him go and stood back. I blinked away the tears forming in my eyes, bowed and thanked him. And just like that I ran as fast as I could back to the hotel and away from the man who entered my heart.

Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, completed: one fine dream, pairing: junsu and oc

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