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Title: Unforgettable
Pairing: Fictional characters (Sam and Max)
Rating: G
Summary: "You had a hard time in my embrace. and it's not until after I've let you go can I think and see clearly. But I love you everyday. I'm still waiting fr you like I've always done. See you once again, my love."
A/N: This fic is based from DBSK's song Unforgettable..I just love the song..Always keep the faith!
Beta: [info]ting5 Arigatou! I hope I posted the betaed one :p



“I’m leaving.”


“What?” I said, shocked. That was when I noticed the suitcases Max was carrying. I also noticed the boxes in the living room, all marked with Max’s name.


“I said I’m leaving.” Max looked away, avoiding my eyes.


“What do you mean you’re leaving? Max let’s talk about this.” I said while holding Max’s shoulders, tears falling from my eyes.


Max faced me with a stern look in the face, “There’s nothing to talk about Sam. I said I’m leaving and that’s final.” Max walked past me and headed for the door.


I grabbed Max’s hand and held it with all the strength my trembling hands could muster. I tried to stop the person I love from leaving. “Max, please don’t do this. I love you so much. You still love me, right? We can still work this out. I promise”


I moved to hug Max but before I could, I was pushed away. Max looked me in the eyes and said the words I never thought I would hear from those lips. “I don’t love you anymore Sam. I’ve forgotten that love already. So just let me leave. I don’t want to waste my time spending it with someone I don’t care for anymore.”


With that, I let go of Max’s hand as numbness took over me. I saw Max dragging the suitcases out the door without even looking back at me, while I just stood there, shocked as tears flowed from my eyes like a river.



When I think about a bad habit I've started, I try and forget but I still you miss you.

Max, I miss you. I miss you so much.


I've never stopped loving you. My feelings for you have never changed. Now my heart keeps growing like my love for you. I just try and keep still the moments when we were happily together.


Max, why did you say that you didn’t love me anymore? Why?






“Hmmm?” I looked at Max, feeling worried with the tone used.


“How long do you think our love would last?” Max asked with curious eyes.


I thought for a while and smiled. I decided to tease Max a little. “I don’t know? A year?”


“Sam we’ve been together for almost four years.” Max retorted with eyes turned into slits.


“Four years then.” I tried to hold back a chuckle.


“Yah!” Max screamed, moving out of my embrace.


I laughed seeing the frown at Max’s face. I put my arms around the slender waist and embraced Max again. Max didn’t hesitate and instead embraced me back.


I kissed Max’s forehead and whispered, “As long as my heart beats, I will always love you.”



You had a hard time in my embrace. And it's not until after I've let you go can I think and see clearly.



I stared at the clock for umpteenth time and Max was nowhere in sight. It was the day of the concert and I held on to the promise made a week ago that Max would be there.


“Sam, the concert’s about to start.” The production assistant said while I continued to look at the entrance.


“Ok.” I went backstage hesitantly while praying that Max was already in the audience.


The concert started and I played every piece with feeling. Majority of the piano pieces I played were my compositions—all inspired by Max. When I hit the last note in the piano for the encore, everyone stood up and clapped their hands. I faced the audience, smiling while I scanned the audience looking for a sign of Max—none.


I wanted to go home immediately after the concert, not having the mood to join the after party. I was about to get out of the concert hall when Max came to me.


“Sam, I’m so sorry.” Max said in between pants.


I looked at Max, feeling disappointed. It was my first major concert and I really wanted Max to see me play. I wanted to say how hurt and disappointed I was, but I didn’t do that. I couldn’t.


I hugged Max. “It’s alright.”




But I love you everyday. I'm still waiting for you like I've always done. See you once again, my love.


Loving and waiting,


Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, pairing: oc

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