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Title: Unforgettable
Pairing: Fictional characters (Sam and Max)
Rating: G
Summary: "You had a hard time in my embrace. and it's not until after I've let you go can I think and see clearly. But I love you everyday. I'm still waiting fr you like I've always done. See you once again, my love."
A/N: This fic is based from DBSK's song Unforgettable..I just love the song..Always keep the faith!
Beta: ting5 Arigatou! I hope I posted the betaed one :p


I walked out to the balcony and sat at the hammock there, holding the letter I’ve read a thousand times since the time I received it. Ever since the letter arrived, I haven’t slept properly. I would always wake up in the middle of the night. Since then, the only way I could sleep again was to read it over and over again, opening wounds along with pain and a bucket of tears.


I lied down on the hammock as I opened it slowly. I smiled while I looked at the letter. Max’s handwriting hasn’t changed one bit. It was still gibberish, much like that of doctor’s (although Max was not one). And now, I reread the words in the letter slowly, bringing back memories long buried and almost forgotten—almost.


Dear Sam,


A lie, it's all a lie. Those words that time will make me forget you are a lie. The pain from the separation has suppressed my heart a little but my feelings for you are still the same.



I entered the bar, seeking for solitude. Ever since the break-up, everyone had been asking me how I felt, if I was ok, how I was taking it. I appreciate their concern but I just can’t take it anymore. You get sick of the questions as time passed.


I sat on one of the bar stools and ordered a glass of whiskey. I scanned the area just for the sake of looking around, not really interested in the scenery. And just like a scene from a movie—you know that part when you see someone unexpectedly—that’s what happened to me. Max was there, talking to a few friends, laughing and drinking with no care in the world. They were seated in one of the booths not very far from me. It looked like they’ve been here for a while with the number of beer bottles on the table and how they talked—which I could hear clearly from where I sat. They were drunk alright.


The bartender shook me from my thoughts when he offered me my glass of whiskey. I drank it in one shot, wanting to get to Max immediately. Max was drunk and I knew that a drunken Max was a careless Max—which was not good. I slowly proceeded to their booth while a battle went inside me—should I take Max home or not? We already broke up, but what if something bad happened? In the end, my concern took over me. We may have broken up but it didn’t mean that I should stop being concerned. I admit I still love Max with all my heart.


I was two feet away from the booth when I heard one of Max’s friend ask, “So Max, how’s the break up with Sam?”


Max smiled before drinking from the bottle of beer, “Fine.”


“Fine? That’s all? No crying or regretting whatsoever?” another friend asked.


“Nothing. It’s not like I can’t find another lover.” Max replied while chugging down another bottle of beer.


“Does that mean you’re over Sam? What about him? How’s he doing?”


Max took another bottle of beer from the table. “Sam? Don’t know, don’t care. Time heals all wounds. I’ll forget him and he’ll forget me. That’s the way things are.”


I listened to their conversation and I felt my heart clench a lot. I closed my eyes tightly as I slowly backed away, trying to hold back the tears. Why do I have to be a fool? Max didn’t care about me anymore so why should I?


As if I was in a movie, I bumped into a waiter holding a tray full of drinks. The impact caused the tray to fall and hit the floor. A loud crashing sound was heard and everyone looked at my direction, even Max and the friends Max was with.


I looked at Max and I saw the shock in that blue eyes. I knew that Max realized I heard their conversation and for a moment, I thought I saw something in those eyes that gave me hope—regret and sadness. But just like what I said, it was just for a moment and before I saw any more emotions, Max turned away with an indifferent look in the face.



I never thought it'd be easy. But even though a lot of time passes it's still awkward without you here.


Whenever I read this part, the tears would start to fall. It’s been three years and no matter what I do, the only person my heart knows is Max. I moved here three years ago, knowing that staying in the apartment we shared for four years would only make the wound in my heart continue to bleed. People say that time heals all wounds—then why is it that my heart is still bleeding? Everyday I go through life like a robot, working, eating—everything is routine. No more spur of the moment activities, no more surprises.


I still love you and I still want you. I won't ever be okay without you. Even if I seem attached, this is me. I didn't even know you're all I long for.


The tears fell uncontrollably as I clutched the letter in my hand. Why Max? Why did we have to come to this? We were happy, right? Why?


A lie, that was a lie. Those words that I've already forgotten you are a lie. I just said those words because I thought I'd look pathetic. And because of my trifling pride, I've never once forgotten you.



Part 2

Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, pairing: oc

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