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365 days (Love Notes)

Title: 365 days (Love Notes)
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: G
Summary: Ever thought of making people know how you feel? Some would write vandalism on walls, doors, chairs and anywhere else. Some would scream and throw things like there's no tomorrow. Have you ever made use of post-its? Those sticky notes where you put reminders and messages? What would happen if you add those two things I mentioned? 365 notes and 1 love story.
Warning: Unbetaed..This is a weird fic..It has a different way of relaying the story for the next 365 days (for this story..I won't be posting everyday :P)..
A/N: Second to the last update! I'll have to split the post into 2..It's quite long..It's finally the end..I hope you guys like it!Thank you to wishheart707 for the beta of this chap!

365 days later Part 5

Junsu was shocked. She saw him? He pulled away a bit to look at her. “You saw me?”


Chie nodded. “I’m sorry. I felt so stupid that time. I felt like you cheated me or something. I was like so confident telling you about how I felt without knowing that it was you. I just felt so embarrassed.”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Forgive me.” Junsu caressed her back. “Don’t be embarrassed. There’s no need for that.” He kissed the top of her head.


“I couldn’t help it. I was confessing to the guy I loved for so many years without me knowing it. What was I supposed to feel?” Junsu could feel her pout in his embrace.


“I thought I was your crush. Now you’re telling me you love me.”


“Yah!” Chie tried to push Junsu away but he didn’t budge. Why is he so strong?


Junsu laughed his unique laugh. “Just kidding… I really missed you.”


Chie smiled. “I missed you too.”


A short span of silence enveloped them as more questions filled their minds. “Can I ask you a question?” Junsu was the one who broke the silence.


He felt Chie nod. “When you told me you were moving on, what did you mean by that? Were you falling for someone else?”


Chie sighed. “You could say I was falling for someone else. I wanted to move on from loving Junsu to loving Juntarou. I was quite ready to take the risk. But I guess fate likes to plays tricks on me because I was falling out of love and in love with the same guy. Cruel don’t you think?”


Junsu heaved a sigh of relief. “Nope. It just means were meant to be.”


“So what now?”Chie asked. Not really sure of their status.


“What do you mean ‘what now’?” Junsu looked at Chie.


Chie buried her face on Junsu’s chest, embarrassed with her question. “I mean what are we now? Everything’s been said done, what happens next?”


“What are we now?” Junsu thought for a while then grinned. “I’m your boyfriend and you’re my girlfriend. What do you say?”


“Eh?” Chie instantly looked at Junsu with wide eyes.


“You don’t like it? What about husband and wife? Much better?” Junsu wriggled his eyebrows.


“Yah!” If only I could punch the lights out of you, Chie thought.


Junsu laughed. “So what do you say? Will you…”


“If you say the wrong words you’ll never see me again.” Chie threatened.


Junsu laughed again. The shy Chie was gone. “Will you be my girlfriend?”


Chie smiled then nodded. Junsu hugged her tighter and placed a quick peck on her forehead. Right now, he’s the happiest man on earth and no one could beat him at it.






“Can I ask you a question now?”


Junsu decided to tease his girlfriend. ‘His girlfriend’ somehow had a nice ring to it. “I thought we were done with the questions?”




“Alright. Ask me anything you want to ask.”


“I have two questions.”


“You said ‘a question’. Now it’s two questions?” Junsu teased some more.


“Will you just let me finish?”


“Alright, alright.”


Chie sighed. “The song, is that—“


“Yes it’s for you. You’re beautiful Chie. Always.”


Chie smiled. Junsu said her name. She’s happy. Still, just one more question and her happiness will be full.


“What’s the next question?”


“The notes when I left…Mrs. Han gave them to me. Uhm. You wrote there that you wanted to tell me something when you come back. What is it?”


“So that’s where my notes went. I was wondering where they went.” Junsu pulled back a bit. “You really wanna know?”


Chie nodded. She was curious to what Junsu wanted to tell her.


“Okay. Close your eyes then.”


Chie frowned. “Why? You’re just going to tell me something.”


“Come on Chie. Please.” Junsu pouted. Chie thought he was cute. Oh well.


Chie closed her eyes and waited. She felt Junsu hug her again. She waited for a few seconds and nothing happened until she felt Junsu’s breath on her ear. And then he said those magic words. “I love you Chie, forever.”


 Her lips slowly formed a small smile. “I love. Chie didn’t get to reply because Junsu’s lips were already on top of hers. It was a sweet and gentle kiss and she thought she was going to melt. It was their first kiss. Now, her happiness was at its maximum. I love you too Junsu, forever.

Tags: band: dong bang shin ki, completed: 365 days, pairing: junsu and oc

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