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365 days (Love Notes)

Title: 365 days (Love Notes)
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: G
Summary: Ever thought of making people know how you feel? Some would write vandalism on walls, doors, chairs and anywhere else. Some would scream and throw things like there's no tomorrow. Have you ever made use of post-its? Those sticky notes where you put reminders and messages? What would happen if you add those two things I mentioned? 365 notes and 1 love story.
Warning: Unbetaed..This is a weird fic..It has a different way of relaying the story for the next 365 days (for this story..I won't be posting everyday :P)..
A/N: Second to the last update! I'll have to split the post into 2..It's quite long..It's finally the end..I hope you guys like it!Thank you to wishheart707 for the beta of this chap!

365 days later Part 4



Junsu walked to the second floor and proceeded to his favorite place. He was not the really a library person except when he had projects or exams, although he still borrowed some books once in a while. But two years ago, he started going to the library almost every day. Why? Funny as it may seem but it was because of post-its—post-its that carried messages between him and Chie.


When he reached his usual spot in the library someone was already there, someone very familiar. Although he never saw her much, he knew it was her. Junsu couldn’t believe it. Chie was standing in front of him, but she was crying. Why? He didn’t know, but it hurt to see her cry.




“Hi.” Junsu broke the silence enveloping the room.


Chie turned to look at the man who greeted her. She was shocked, happy, sad. She felt too many emotions running through her all in one go.


“Did I disturb you?” Junsu asked her. He was nervous, very nervous.


Chie shook her head. “No. I was just leaving.”


She walked past Junsu but before she could, Junsu held her arm. “Stay. Please.”


Chie looked up at Junsu with questioning eyes and she was getting nervous at the thought of staying in the same room with Junsu. Still, she nodded and Junsu released her arm. They moved to the window and looked at the park below.


“It’s a good day today, don’t you think?” Junsu tried to start conversation.


“Yes. It’s quite sunny, a perfect day to play in the park.” Chie wiped the tears from her eyes as she tried to keep herself from looking at Junsu. An effort which she easily failed the moment she started it.


“You’re right. Also a perfect day to listen to good music, right?”


“Huh?” Chie turned to Junsu.


Junsu pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and pressed some buttons. Junsu placed the cellphone in the window sill.


“You’re not allowed to play music in the library unless you’re using headphones.” Chie had a feeling of what was going to happen.


Junsu looked at her and smiled. “It’s okay. There are not much people coming here anyway, no one will hear.”


“Excuse me, I have to go.” She felt nervous when she saw Junsu smile. Chie turned around to leave before she lost a grip of herself.


“Chi-Chi, don’t go.”


Chi-Chi. Will she always be Chi-Chi in Junsu’s eyes? Although she felt a pain in her heart, the emotions in Junsu’s voice made her stay in her place. She breathed deeply.


“Just listen. It will make you feel better.” Junsu said and held her hand. It was a brave move and he felt very much relieved when Chie didn’t pull her hand out of his hold.


Junsu pressed a button and the song started to play.


You don’t run with the crowd

You go your own way

You don’t play after dark

You light up my day

Got your own kind of style that sets you apart

Baby that’s why you captured my heart


I know sometimes you feel like you don’t fit in

And this world doesn’t know what you have within

When I look at you I see something rare

A rose that can grow anywhere

And there’s no one I know that can compare


What makes you different makes you beautiful

What’s there inside you shines through to me

In your eyes I see all the love I’ll ever need

You’re all I need oh girl

What makes you different makes you beautiful to me


You got something so real

You touched me so deep

See material things don’t matter to me

So come as you are

You got nothing to prove

You warm me with all that you do

And I wanna take this chance to say to you


What makes you different makes you beautiful

What’s there inside you shines through to me

In your eyes I see all the love I’ll ever need

You’re all I need oh girl

What makes you different makes you beautiful


You don’t know how you touched my life

Oh in so many ways I just can’t describe

You taught me what love is supposed to be

It’s all the little things that made you beautiful to me

So beautiful


What makes you…

What makes you different makes you beautiful

What’s there inside you shines through to me

In your eyes I see all the love I’ll ever need

You’re all I need oh girl

What makes you different makes you beautiful to me


Everything is so beautiful

Love is shining right through me

Everything is so beautiful

Love is shining right through me


Oh you’re beautiful to me


Chie was trembling and sobbing when song started playing again. Junsu turned to her and held her face. He wiped the tears with his thumb while he looked at her lovingly.


Chie turned away from the hand that was caressing her face. “I’m sorry. The song was really nice. Uhm. It was nice to see you. I have to go now.” Chie breathed and removed her hand from Junsu’s hold.


Seeing Chie’s effort to leave again, Junsu got desperate and hugged Chie from behind. “Chi-Chi, please don’t leave me again.”


“I’m not Chi-Chi. I’m Park Chie.” She tried to remove Junsu’s arms around her.


“Chi-Chi, Chie. What’s the difference? You’re the same person.” There was a hint of irritation in his voice.


“Junsu please. The person you talked to before does not exist.”


Junsu turned Chie around to face him, holding her shoulders to make sure she won’t leave him. “Chie stop this, please. Then who was Chi-Chi, huh? You can make a thousand reasons but that girl I exchanged those notes with was you.”


Chie continued to sob. “Junsu, can’t you see? That girl cannot exist anymore. She’s different from me.”


“No Chie, you’re wrong. She’s not different from you. You’re just hiding her. Somewhere inside you, that happy, confident girl resides. You just have to let it out. Let me help you. Please.”


Chie slowly calmed down and stopped struggling. There were so many questions in her mind and her head hurts with all the crying.


Seeing that Chie calmed down, Junsu released his hold on her. Now is the time to start explaining Kim Junsu, he thought to himself. So he took Chie’s hand with his right hand and held her face with the other, making her look at him.


“I’m sorry. I know I was such a jerk for not noticing you earlier. I know I’ve hurt you all these years and I swear I’m sorry. When we started exchanging those notes, I really felt good whenever I read your messages. I was happy, happier than the times I spent with my past girlfriends.”


Chie’s eyed were brimming with tears again when Junsu hugged her. She was touched with his words. Although she did get angry at first, the past year had made her think clearly about Junsu’s side. And now, she’s happy that she finally got the answers she’s been asking for.


“I know you’re angry that I didn’t tell you immediately when I found out who you are and I’m sorry again. But I didn’t mean to lie to you. I was just scared, scared that you might stop writing those notes and avoid me if ever I see you. I just didn’t want to lose you so early. I was planning to tell you the truth when I get the chance to be close to you in person, not just as Juntarou and Chi-Chi.” Junsu hugged Chie tighter. “But things didn’t go as planned and then you left—“


“I’m sorry.” Chie cut him off. “I’m sorry for not telling you I was leaving. That day when you asked me if I know Park Chie, I saw you posting.”

365 days later Part 5

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