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365 days (Love Notes)

Title: 365 days (Love Notes)
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: G
Summary: Ever thought of making people know how you feel? Some would write vandalism on walls, doors, chairs and anywhere else. Some would scream and throw things like there's no tomorrow. Have you ever made use of post-its? Those sticky notes where you put reminders and messages? What would happen if you add those two things I mentioned? 365 notes and 1 love story.
Warning: Unbetaed..This is a weird fic..It has a different way of relaying the story for the next 365 days (for this story..I won't be posting everyday :P)..
A/N: Second to the last update! I'll have to split the post into 2..It's quite long..It's finally the end..I hope you guys like it!Thank you to wishheart707 for the beta of this chap!

365 days later Part 3



Junsu looked at his watch. Ten minutes have passed since he started watching the kids playing. They must have been tired already since they took a quick break from the game. He looked at library doors and decided to do what he actually came for.


Junsu went inside the library and Mrs. Han was already at her desk, preparing for the day.


“Good morning Mrs. Han!” Junsu beamed at the librarian.


The librarian turned to Junsu, surprised. “Junsu, good morning. I thought you were in the US.”


“I was. I decided to come back.”


“I see. Are you only here for a vacation or are you back for good?”


“That depends.” That depends whether she wants me to stay or not, Junsu thought.


“I see. So what brings you here? Are you going to borrow some books?” Mrs. Han inquired.


“Uhm. Would it be alright if I look around for a while?” Junsu said unsure.


Mrs. Han smiled. “Looks like a lot of people like to look around today.”




“Nothing dear. No problem. Stay as long as you want.”


Junsu stood up. “Thank you Mrs. Han.”


“I think you’ll find what you’re looking for in the archives.”


Junsu looked at Mrs. Han. He was confused with the statement but the librarian did not make a move to clarify her previous statement. Not getting any idea what she meant, Junsu shrugged and walked to the second floor.




Chie opened the box Mrs. Han gave her and she almost dropped it when she saw the handwriting she’d know anywhere. She took the post-its one by one and read them. Another batch of tears flowed from her eyes as she read the notes one by one…


I talked to Yoochun. He said you went to Europe for further studies. Is that what you wanted to tell me?


CHI-CHI, why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?


I’m so sorry Junsu.


Work is actually getting stressful. I can’t seem to write any good songs lately.


CHI-CHI, I feel like I’m missing something. Do you know what it is?


Chie felt a pang in her heart. How was Junsu? She never asked Yoochun about him because she’s sure that her cousin would get suspicious.


CHI-CHI, if I tell you I’m sorry, will you forgive me? Aish.


CHI-CHI, mianhe.


I realized I haven’t said sorry for lying to you. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep the truth from you.


I’m really sorry CHI-CHI. I hope you forgive me.


Her head hurt. She didn’t know Junsu continued to post after she left.


I know I look really crazy posting notes even if you don’t receive them but I decided not to stop. Why? Remember what I told you before? I told you I’d continue posting even if you take a long time to reply. So I guess the janitor will have to deal with the post – its here. Eu kyang kyang!


She smiled while crying. Junsu remembered.


I heard you and Yoochun talking on the phone yesterday. It was such a waste I didn’t talk much to you in the past.


I went to the park before I came here. Remember the book I gave you? There was a girl reading the same book, but she was not crying like you. I remember the time I saw you crying while reading that book.


When I arrived today, I looked at the window and I saw some kids playing soccer at the park. I wonder if you’ve seen me playing at the park before.


Remember the G-clef keychain you gave me? I still have it just in case you were wondering.


Junsu remembers her. Does that mean anything? Or was Junsu just feeling guilty?


I know this is a bit out of topic but will you believe me if I tell you I miss you?


CHI-CHI, I miss you.


Chie felt like jumping. Junsu missed her.


I’m not lying. I swear on your cousin’s wide forehead I’m not lying. I miss you. I miss my friend.


She chuckled. Her cousin would surely throw a fit if he reads this. But her little happiness was short lived. Friend. That word really hurt.


I finished another song today. Remember our deal? I make a song and you’ll make a story? I already have a song for our deal so you have to come back so you could hear it. Araso?


Will I get the chance to hear it?


The head producer of the company offered me to work in the US branch of the company. You think I should accept it?


Hey CHI-CHI. I accepted the offer. You think you’d be here when I come back?


Junsu left? Yoochun never said anything about Junsu leaving the country.


Yah! When I come back you should have finished you’re story by then, araso?


I heard you talking to Yoochun on the phone again. I hope we could talk when we come back here in Korea because I have to tell you something. Deal?


Hey CHI-CHI I realized something. In two days time it’s gonna be our one year anniversary. Well, I mean anniversary of exchanging notes.


I know you won’t be reading this but I still want to say goodbye. I guess this will be my last note. I’m sorry if I can’t keep on posting until you come back. I hope you’re happy. I miss you. Happy Anniversary?


Chie wiped her tears after reading the last note. Junsu left and she didn’t know where to find him. She sighed as closed the box. Will Junsu come back? But when?



365 days later Part 4 )

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