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365 days (Love Notes)

Title: 365 days (Love Notes)
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: G
Summary: Ever thought of making people know how you feel? Some would write vandalism on walls, doors, chairs and anywhere else. Some would scream and throw things like there's no tomorrow. Have you ever made use of post-its? Those sticky notes where you put reminders and messages? What would happen if you add those two things I mentioned? 365 notes and 1 love story.
Warning: Unbetaed..This is a weird fic..It has a different way of relaying the story for the next 365 days (for this story..I won't be posting everyday :P)..
A/N: Second to the last update! I'll have to split the post into 2..It's quite long..It's finally the end..I hope you guys like it!Thank you to wishheart707 for the beta of this chap!

365 days later Part 2



Junsu sighed once in a while as a he looked at the way leading to library. He opened the envelope he’s been holding ever since he arrived at the airport. He took out the post-its and read some of them even if he already memorized most of the lines written there. Junsu smiled at the familiar gibberish handwriting of the writer.


My handwriting is not gibberish!!


Right. Her handwriting was not gibberish.


Me? Hmm. Just call me Chi-Chi.


Chi-Chi—Goku’s wife. How about my wife? Junsu held back a chuckle at the thought, fearing that the taxi driver might bring him to a mental hospital instead of the library.


Hmm. I’ll think about it. I’m still not that confident about my stories, you see. I’m a bit scared of criticisms. Ha-ha. Silly me. Read my works? I’ll let you read them if you let me listen to one of your songs. Deal?


I hope she kept her part of the deal, Junsu thought.


Wishful thoughts are wishful thoughts. Well, majority of them would include him. It’s kinda stupid but it’s true. In my dream world, I can be with him. I get to talk to him and see him smile only for me. While in reality, I know that his smiles are not because of me, I know that I will never have the courage to talk to him, I know that I will never be good enough for him. Stupid don’t you think?


Mianhe Chie.


Right. We’re friends. I’m glad to have you as a friend.


How about more than friends? Would that be possible?


JUNTAROU, you’re back. I missed you. He-he. Why would you like winter more this year?


Did you miss me when you were in Europe?


Waaaah! JUNTAROU! THANK YOU! I love this book! I actually have a copy of this one but then my friend lost it. OMO! I had a hard time looking for another copy of this. Thank you so much!


:p No reason. I just like teasing you? But really JUNTAROU, maybe what you really need is a very sweet love story—just like the one in the movies. Ha-ha.


Stop fooling around. Go find your own sweet love story—with another girl.


Can we create a love story of our own Chie? Just like in the movies?


Hey JUNTAROU. Uhm. I was thinking about what you said. Alright, I’ll agree to meet up with you. There’s a park bench at the back of the library below the big tree. I’ll meet you there at three, the day after tomorrow.


What would have happened if we met that day? Oh right. We did meet that day. Aish.




“Sir, we’re here.” The taxi driver interrupted Junsu’s thoughts.


Junsu payed the driver and got out of the taxi. He looked at the library and smiled. Junsu saw some kids playing soccer in the park in front of the library so he decided to make a little detour. He really can’t get enough of the sport.




Chie returned the box in her bag and stood up. She saw some kids playing soccer at the park in front library. She smiled. Soccer. Memories.






Junsu looked at the library’s front door and saw Mrs. Han ushering a girl inside the library as he proceeded to the kids playing. He thought of joining them but he decided against it. So instead of playing, he went to nearby tree and watched the kids play.






Chie turned around and saw Mrs. Han coming towards her. “Mrs. Han.” She gave the librarian a hug.


“It’s good to see you again. How are you?” Mrs. Han asked as they went inside the library.


“It’s good to see you again too Mrs. Han. I’m doing well, how about you?” Chie answered as she sat down at one of the chairs in front of the librarian’s desk.


“I’m alright dear. We’ve been having busy days lately. I’m glad a lot of people are visiting the library.”


“That’s good to know. I missed this place.” Chie looked around the library dreamily.


Mrs. Han smiled. “So what brings you here Chie? Borrowing some books?”


“Uhm. Not really. I was thinking of looking around for a while.” Chie gave Mrs. Han a nervous smile.


“I see.”


“Is it okay? Maybe I’ll find some interesting books to borrow.


“No problem dear. Suit yourself”


Chie stood up. “Thank you Mrs. Han.”


“Wait.” Mrs. Han stopped Chie before she even took a step.


Chie looked at Mrs. Han. The librarian was getting a small box from the drawer. After getting the box out, she handed it out to Chie. “Take it with you. I’m sure this will be an interesting thing to read.”


Chie took the box and looked at it. The box was too small to be a book and she wondered how interesting it would be. She turned to Mrs. Han, confused.


“Go on.” Mrs. Han only smiled at her. It was like a Mona Lisa smile. The librarian seemed to know something she didn’t know.


Chie made her way to the second floor where the archives was located. She went to her favorite spot immediately—the window located at the front of the library, facing the park. Chie looked out the window and saw the kids who were playing soccer earlier taking some kind of breather.


Chie remembered why she loved to stay in this part of the library. The place was quiet enough for her to read or study in peace and the many windows allowed enough light to enter making it the perfect place to stay. But those weren’t the only reasons why she stayed there. It was because of the park right outside the library. She could see everyone who passed by—and played. Or perhaps it would be better to say, she could see Kim Junsu when he played soccer.

365 days later Part 3... )

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