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365 days (Love Notes)

Title: 365 days (Love Notes)
Pairing: Kim Junsu and OC
Rating: G
Summary: Ever thought of making people know how you feel? Some would write vandalism on walls, doors, chairs and anywhere else. Some would scream and throw things like there's no tomorrow. Have you ever made use of post-its? Those sticky notes where you put reminders and messages? What would happen if you add those two things I mentioned? 365 notes and 1 love story.
Warning:This is a weird fic..It has a different way of relaying the story for the next 365 days (for this story..I won't be posting everyday :P)..
A/N: Second to the last update! I'll have to split the post into 2..It's quite long..It's finally the end..I hope you guys like it! Thank you to wishheart707 for the beta of this chap!

365 days later Part 1

Chie walked the familiar road leading to the library. It’s been a year since she left Korea to continue her studies in Europe even if it was a bit late for that kind of move considering she was a graduating student. Of course, her efforts paid off. She graduated with good grades with job offers at a few publishing companies. God, I miss this place, she thought as she continued walking. Chie sighed as she looked at the building in front of her. LIBRARY was written at the top of the doors of the familiar and memorable building. She looked at the front door and realized she was too early—the library was still closed. Not wanting to walk back home, she decided to make a little detour to the back of the library.


 “Alright, I’ll agree to meet up with you. There’s a park bench at the back of the library below the big tree. I’ll meet you there at three, the day after tomorrow.”


Chie heaved a sigh as she walked to the park bench below the big tree. Too many memories, she thought.




Junsu walked out of the airport, taking off his sunglasses as he looked up to see the blue sky. It’s been a year since he left Korea to work in the US. Although working in a different country was hard especially with the language barrier and all, he managed to make it to the top in his profession. He hailed a taxi and got in, telling the driver to go to the city library. As Junsu looked at the buildings the taxi passed by, he recalled the conversation he had with Yoochun two weeks ago.


 “Hey Junsu, how are you doing?”


“Great. How about you?”


“Doing good, but it’s a bit boring here at the airport.”


“Airport? What are you doing there?”


“I’m here to pick up Chie. She’s coming home from Europe.”


Junsu swallowed an imaginary lump in his throat. It’s time, he thought.




Chie sat at the bench and looked up, the leaves of the tree blocked the hot rays of the sun which made the atmosphere a bit cooler. She took out a box from her backpack and put it in her lap. She opened the lid and looked at dust covered stuffs inside—some post-its, a dried rose, a book. She took out the purple post-its and read them one by one.


Why? Life is beautiful, you know.


Don’t you think you’re underestimating yourself? By the way, I’m a guy. Don’t you dare tell me that you ever thought I was a girl or else I will stop replying to your messages. Hmmm. I won’t give you a second look? Why don’t we test that statement of yours. Let’s meet!


Yes ma’am. I’m sorry again. I promise I will not do it again. :D By the way, you can call me Juntarou. What’s your name?


Juntarou. Cute. Just like the owner. Chie could picture the guy’s smile in her mind.


Chi-Chi? Goku’s wife? So are you good with martial arts? He-he.


Goku’s wife? Can’t I be Junsu’s wife instead? Chie shivered but at the same time smiled to herself. I’m becoming a love sick fool. Get over it.


Hmmm…deal. I’m gonna make you listen to the most beautiful song you’ll ever hear. So make sure you make a good story too. Ok?


Do I still have a chance to hear that song?


If you’re cousin’s here I would feel sorry for him. You’re sad because you won’t see your crush anymore and not because you’re sad to see him leave. I never thought you were that evil. Eu kyang kyang!


Eu kyang kyang. Why haven’t I thought of that before?


Hibernating? Sulking? What happened? Does it have anything to do with that crush of yours? Tsk… Hmmm... I did think of stopping, but then I decided not to. Don’t worry, even if you take a long time to reply, I’d still post messages. I’ll wait for your reply.


I haven’t posted for a very long time. Did you wait for me?


Don’t feel so bad CHI-CHI. You’re just starting. Everyone gets criticisms. You just have to believe that you’re more than what they say you are. You know yourself and you know what you can do. So don’t feel so bad anymore, okay?


You’re welcome. I’m willing to listen to you anytime. We’re friends. And what are friends for, right?


Can we be more than friends?


You missed me? That’s nice to know. I missed you too. I’m sorry I was gone for a while. I’ve been busy and all. Why I would like winter more this year? Perhaps you could say I want the snow to cover all the pain I experienced throughout the year.


Did you miss me while I was gone? ‘Cause I really missed you.


I guess I’m lucky I still got them, huh? My girlfriend? She’s actually my ex-girlfriend now.


Chie smiled. She remembered how she felt when she first read that note—a mixed feeling of sympathy and happiness.


You’re right. Uhm CHI-CHI. I brought you something. It’s a gift. I just remembered that you wrote in one of the notes that the call from the publishing company was the best birthday gift you had. I realized I missed your birthday. So I hope you consider this a birthday and congratulation gift. Sorry if it was late.


Exactly. Speaking of crying over love stories, I went with my friend a few days ago to his cousin’s house for a visit. You know what, I saw his female cousin crying over a book she was reading. She looked kinda cute while she was reading with the red nose and all. Ha-ha.


Chie took the book out of the box. She remembered reading and crying at the same time over the said book. Did I really look that cute?


Crush on me? Nah. I don’t think so. She looks pretty intelligent. I bet she’s on to guys with the same level as hers. She wouldn’t go for a guy like me.


If only you knew Junsu. If only you knew.


Teasing huh? Then why don’t we just get together? Maybe you can mend my broken heart. What do you say?


I’m serious…really. We could meet up and we could create a sweet love story—just like in the movies.

Besides, I think it’s about time you turn to other guys. Eu kyang kyang.


Chie puffed her cheeks. She remembered being torn between saying yes and saying no. She was falling in love with Juntarou and falling out of love with Junsu. She didn’t know fate would play a trick on her.


CHI-CHI don’t change the subject. Come on. Just one meeting. If you don’t like the JUNTAROU you see then you could stop posting messages and forget about me.


Oh yes! I’ll be there. I promise. I’m excited. Eu kyang kyang. I’ll make you happy. Oh yes!


She smiled but at the same time a tear fell from eyes. Was Junsu that excited to meet Chi-Chi? What about Chie?


Eu kyang kyang. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too. Sorry I didn’t have a proper greeting for you on Christmas. I was busy sulking because you didn’t come.


Junsu was sad because Chi-Chi didn’t come. Would he feel the same for Chie?


No. I don’t know any Yoochun.


So you ditched me so you could talk to him? I knew that crush of yours would always come first.


I see. No reason. I was just curious. Your cousin has the same situation with my friend.


The previous teardrop was followed with more as she returned the post-its in the box. Chie how could you be so stupid?

365 days later Part 2 )

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