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18 Roses (True love stories never have endings)

Title: 18 Roses
Park Yoochun and OC
Two diary entries from two people brought together by fate. On one hand, a girl starting a new life in a new city while she reaches for he dreams. On the other hand, a guy healing from the end of a beautiful past. What has fate installed for them?
"I love you."  "I need you."
First of the extra chaps.. This will be the narration of the 18th rose.. I hope you guys like it! Betaed by ting5 

True love stories never have endings

Cherry stepped out of the elevator. She had been stuck inside that freaking box for an hour.




Yoochun stood in front of Cherry’s apartment. He has been waiting for two hours already.




Cherry sighed in frustration as she walked the last few steps to her apartment while throwing a profanity at the world for being so cruel. It was a busy day at work and her schedule was packed as she followed her boss from one meeting to another. It was 9:00 and she hasn’t eaten anything yet. She just finished ordering pizza the moment the elevator doors opened, knowing that she was too tired and lazy to cook anything decent.




Yoochun was getting nervous. There was still no sign of Cherry. It was a fairly quiet day at work, there were not much clients so he decided to close the clinic earlier than usual. He went to the tailor shop Junsu mentioned to have a fitting for the suit he would be wearing for the wedding. As he was on his way home, he passed by a jewelery shop and saw the ring he and Aya had chosen for their wedding. As if a bulb lighted up above his head, he went to the nearest flower shop and bought a single red rose before making his way to Cherry’s apartment bubbling with excitement. And now, the excitement and self-confidence he felt earlier was slowly dissipating.




Cherry kept her eyes on the floor the whole time as she walked and didn’t notice someone was standing in front of her doorstep. She looked up and her previously tired eyes widened as the image of the person standing in front of her became clearer.




“Yoochun.” Cherry softly whispered.


Yoochun was holding out a red rose to Cherry. “I thought I’d give you the last rose personally.”


Cherry was at loss with words. Her voice was stuck in her throat and she didn’t know what to say. So many thoughts were running through her mind as she accepted the rose from Yoochun. I was right she thought. She always had the feeling that her secret admirer and Yoochun were one and the same. The quotes that seemed to fit perfectly on what happened to them, the birthday greeting, she smiled as her secret wish has come true. But as she smiled, tears started to fall from her eyes uncontrollably. Yoochun was now standing in front of her and yet she was still unsure of his intentions. Last rose? She didn’t know how to interpret what he said. Was it good news or bad news? Cherry didn’t know.


Her question was soon answered as Yoochun touched her cheeks, wiping the tears off her face with his thumb. Yoochun mumbled a ‘don’t cry’ before he captured Cherry’s lips with his own. Cherry felt herself opening to Yoochun’s kiss as he nibbled her lips softly before parting them as they shared a gentle, lingering kiss.


Yoochun couldn’t help himself from kissing the woman in front of him. As soon as he saw the tears in her eyes, he wanted to make his intentions known as soon as possible. Yoochun wished and hoped that his message would get through to Cherry as he kissed her slowly.


After a few minutes, they felt the need to breathe and so they parted for a while. But Yoochun held her head firmly as he placed his forehead on top of Cherry’s.


“I’m sorry.” Yoochun finally muttered as he looked as Cherry’s eyes.


An apology. The line was still vague for Cherry and she moved back a bit, trying to form a coherent thought in her mind. She was still in a daze from Yoochun’s kiss and she knew that standing too close to him would only make her want to kiss him again and she can’t do that right now. She needed to know why Yoochun was here, she wanted and needed an explanation, no longer caring of the outcome once Yoochun said what he had to say.


Yoochun sighed. “I came here to explain. Just give me five minutes, that’s all I need.”


Cherry nodded, still nervous of what Yoochun would say even after the mind-blowing kiss they had earlier.


“I’m sorry. What happened that night, it shouldn’t have happened that way...” Cherry choked. So he did regret what happened, she thought as she held back the tears threatening to fall any minute. “... but what happened that night, I knew who I was with. I know I told you about Aya but I swear to God that what we did that night, it was because I needed you. I needed you more than I needed Aya.”


Cherry was shaking when Yoochun moved to touch her hands. She didn’t move, knowing that she needed to hold on to something because her legs have turned wobbly as Yoochun’s words slowly sank in.


“I need you Cherry. That night I knew it was you.” Yoochun said pleadingly, hoping that Cherry would understand him. Yoochun lifted his left hand and let his index finger grazed over Cherry’s lips. “I knew it was your lips I was kissing.” After leaving her lips, his hand went around her waist and drew her close. “I knew it was your body I was touching.” Cherry was still holding her breath when Yoochun whispered in her ears. “Most of all, I knew it was your name I was moaning.”


Cherry finally let go of the tears she had been holding back, letting them wet Yoochun’s shirt as the latter hugged her tightly. She already had a thought of what Yoochun came for but still, she needed the reassurance. She needed to be sure that what she was thinking was real and not just a dream that would immediately disappear when she wakes up.


Yoochun held her tightly as he continued to explain. “When I woke up and you weren’t there, I wanted to go see you so much...”


“Then why didn’t you come?” Cherry finally managed to choke out as she found it hard to talk while she cried.


“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Yoochun kissed the top of Cherry’s head. “I should have talked to you immediately. I thought it was better for us to take some time to think about how we really feel. I needed the time too. I was still recovering from Aya’s death and I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t love again. But then you came along, I thought it was just a crush but then when I saw the tears in your eyes the day you saw my picture with Aya on the shelf, I wanted to keep you from getting hurt. I knew you were already someone special at that time.”


Cherry looked up at Yoochun, shocked because she didn’t know that Yoochun saw her that night. She thought she was able to conceal what she felt that night but knowing now that Yoochun wanted to protect her made feel so good.


“You weren’t really a good actress you know.” Yoochun said while holding back a chuckle.


Cherry looked up at Yoochun with a frown. “I was hurt, you know. Do you really expect me to cry in front of you? Besides, I wasn’t even sure why I was crying.”


“God I’m so sorry. I’ve hurt you so much.” Yoochun said as he held her tighter. “I wanted to explain. That night at Moonbin’s party I wanted to talk to you even if I didn’t know why I felt the need to explain. But then I know you heard Changmin’s comment and that you talked to Chie. I just lost all my confidence to talk to you.” Yoochun remorsefully explained.


“When I heard what Changmin said I was shocked. I didn’t expect to have my suspicions confirmed.” Cherry said in between sobs, remembering what she felt that night.


“Just so you know I wanted to strangle Changmin that time,” Yoochun informed.


Cherry smiled as she buried her face on Yoochun’s chest. “Good thing you didn’t. Chiharu would kill you.”


Yoochun just smiled, he was happy that everything was getting cleared up slowly. “Can I ask you something?”


He felt Cherry nodded and proceeded with his question. “Did you regret what happened? When we made love?”


“I wouldn’t be standing here if I did.” Cherry replied with a hint of sarcasm, wanting to tease Yoochun. “I never regretted doing it. When you kissed me that night I knew I was in love with you. I would never make that much of a commitment if didn’t love you.”


Yoochun smiled and lifted Cherry’s chin with the tip of his fingers. He felt happy that she loved him too. “I admit I was confused. I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel and think. But during those days that I didn’t see you I utterly missed you and couldn’t deny the fact that you are already in my heart and that I have a certain need for you that will not fade. When I saw you with that guy yesterday, I knew that I don’t want to ever see any other guy beside you except for me. I suddenly felt so possessive towards you and I don’t want to let you go, ever.”


Cherry smiled as she felt happiness claim her knowing that Yoochun was jealous of Jaejoong, she couldn’t help but laugh. “You were jealous?”


“Very. Will I be seeing more of that guy?” Yoochun hated the idea of seeing the guy again.


Cherry grinned. “Yes. Jaejoong would kill me if I didn’t go to his wedding...which is approximately six months from now.”


“He’s getting married?” Yoochun frowned.




“Why didn’t you tell me?” his frown getting deeper.


“You never asked.” Cherry stuck her tongue out and moved back into Yoochun’s embrace.


As Cherry wrapped her arms around him, Yoochun felt her bracelet touched his back. He removed Cherry’s left hand which had the bracelet and held it up. “I know you were shocked when I returned it. I was thinking of talking to you at that time. But then...”


“I was with Jaejoong and you got jealous and decided to back off.” Cherry finished, laughing at the frown appearing once again on Yoochun’s forehead. She immediately moved to kiss the frown away.

“Do you really have to remind me that I got jealous?” Yoochun said as he cocked one of his eyebrows.


“You can’t blame me. You also put me through a lot of pain you know.” Cherry retorted but she knew in her heart that the pain she felt was worth it.


Yoochun sighed. He knew that he had hurt Cherry a lot and to think it was just the beginning of their love story. He moved back a bit creating a small space between him and Cherry. He formulated his words very carefully, holding Cherry’s hand as he made the request that would forever changed his life. “Cherry...”


She stood there not knowing why Yoochun backed away but she let him continued. “Do you still remember that note I left with the rose two days ago? Teach me how to love again?” Yoochun took a deep breath before he continued. “Can you do that? Teach me how to love again? I’m sorry if I can’t say that I love you right now. I want to be sure when I say those words. I want to be sure that I’ve forgotten Aya already. Can you help me? Can you teach me to love again?”


Yoochun finished making his request and held his breath as he waited for Cherry’s reply as if his life depended on it—and it probably did.


Cherry was taken aback by Yoochun’s plea. She was sad that she wouldn’t be able to hear the three words now. But she decided that she can wait. Call her a martyr, a fool, but she was willing to do anything for someone named Park Yoochun.


After what seemed like forever, Cherry nodded and a smile grazed upon Yoochun’s lips. He gathered Cherry once again in his arms. He thanked God for giving him one more chance at love and he knew that it would take him sooner and definitely not later to be able to say the words that Cherry wanted to hear.


“I love you.” Cherry mumbled from her position on Yoochun’s chest.


“I need you.” Yoochun said in response.


He brought Cherry face to face with him and looked at her lovingly. He slowly bent down to claim Cherry’s lips. Cherry closed her eyes as she melted into Yoochun’s kiss. The latter moved his hands to her waist as the former lifted her hands to wrap around Yoochun’s neck drawing him closer. The kiss was gentle and they didn’t rush themselves knowing they had all the time in the world. So they took their time kissing, memorizing every inch of each other’s lips and tasting each other’s essence, knowing that they would never want to know another’s lips than the one’s they are kissing right now.


And just when they thought their moment would last forever, someone cleared their throat in front of them.


The couple stopped kissing as they noticed someone else’s presence and smiled as they realized they were caught red handed.


“Pizza delivery for 308.” The delivery boy said shyly as he held out the pizza box. Cherry smiled as she took the pizza while Yoochun took out some bills and gave it to the delivery boy.


They laughed, embarrassed at what they had done in front of the boy.


“I’m sure he enjoyed the show.” Yoochun said as he took the pizza with his right hand while the other snaked its way around Cherry’s waist, pulling her closer. “Want to continue?”


Cherry acted as if she was thinking before answering, “Why don’t we eat first before we continue the show...inside.”


Yoochun smiled and placed a quick peck on Cherry’s lips. “Certainly.”




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